How are art, audio/video technology, and  industry operating in India, and what are the career opportunities available

So as we all know, the field of arts is the field where the students get to learn many different things that are very useful for their career purpose, and their subject also teaches them the art of many different things in the world. The art students often secure a very good job after completing their graduation, and hence the degree also helps them, and there are many different fields like audio and visual sector which constantly work together to create more and more skilled professionals for this constantly non-stopping developing world.

So as being a student of arts sector you may find many different career opportunities which can be very much useful for you, if in case you are unable to select or if you are confused in which career option would be the best for you, so here is the list of some of the best career options in the field of arts.

What is the educational qualification for the students to secure a job in the field of arts?

As we all know that the field of arts is a very much diverse field when it comes to jobs, and to secure a perfect job for themselves, the students need to qualify for some of the major educational qualifications which can be very much useful for them

So as a student of arts you need to study various subjects such as history, phycology culture, music,  in your 12th standard. Studying all these subjects means that the student can have many different and multiple options to choose from at the time of pursuing a bachelor’s degree. For example:- you can complete your 3-year degree (BA) in English, mass communication, and other subjects. You can also opt for the bachelor of fine arts, in the fine arts section you may study visual arts, and performing arts, you can also do specialization in different subjects like film making, etc. The art students can also do BBA and BA LLB.

What are the different jobs in the arts?

There are many different jobs in the field of arts, as it is a very much diverse field and you can easily choose among many different jobs. The jobs in the arts are:-

  • Interior designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Art director
  • Product designer
  • Landscape architect

So these were some of the examples of the different kinds of jobs in the field of arts, and if you are looking for some of the highest-paying jobs, the different types of jobs are:-

  • Fashion designer

If you are seeking a perfect high-paying job in the field of arts, then a fashion designer would be a great choice for you, here you would be able to display your creativeness in the form of your profession. The fashion designer usually looks after the new designs of new clothes, accessories, etc. They typically design different products which are currently trending.

To become a fashion designer, you must master some of the skills, these skills are very much important to become a fashion designer skills are that firstly you must have a good eye for design, and you must also

Know texture and colors. The average salary of a fashion designer is 3 lk/year

  • Industrial designer

An industrial designer is a kind of job where you have to the development and design many different kinds of manufactured goods, being an industrial designer you have to meet with the clients, and then you have to go and collaborate with the market research department.

To be an industrial designer you need must master some of the major skills required for the job of an industrial designer, you must be skilled at drawing and you must be a good communicator. You should also understand balance and have some technical knowledge. The industrial designer’s average salary is 2.70 lk/year.

  • Corporate lawyer

A corporate lawyer is a job career in which the person specializes in corporate law and looks after the legal of a firm. If you want to become a corporate lawyer, then you have to take the responsibility of executing contracts and ensuring all the legal compliances during mergers and you also have to handle all the different business ideas. So I. Order to become a corporate lawyer you have to do a five-year integrated law degree (BA LLB). The average salary of a corporate lawyer is 3.81 lk/year.

  • Journalist

The journalist is one of the most popular and in-demand professions in the field of art, and if you are also looking to become a journalist then there are some of the major things that you have to keep in mind to understand the work of a journalist. A journalist does research and writes articles for magazines, newspapers, etc. the research could be on anything such as any sport Chanel and entertainment industry. Journalists have the responsibility to write stories to engage more and more audiences. So to become a journalist you need a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication. Being a journalist you must have good creative and analytical skills. The average salary of a journalist is 3 lk/year.

  • Graphic designer

So as we all know, a graphic designer is one of the most popular career opportunities that a student can choose as his/ her career option, and the profession of a graphic designer is also very popular. The major work that a graphic designer has to do is that he/ she has to design various websites, brochures, and different kinds of logos, so to become a graphic designer you must have a bachelor’s degree in any arts and design subject, you must know various software which creates different visual concepts. The average salary of a graphic designer is 2.4 lk/year


So as we all discussed, all the different types of jobs are in demand in the next arts, audio/video industry, so if you are also seeking any career opportunity in some of these sectors, you can easily choose from these professions.

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