How to become a doctor?

Engineering and medical are the two most promising and sought-after careers worldwide. Especially in a country like India with a population of 150 crore and poor cleanliness and pollution, people are bound to get ill and acquire all sorts of diseases. Thus, the demand for well-qualified doctors who really have knowledge and expertise in their domain. This expertise comes only when one has followed a defined career path with guidance from industry experts.

We all know who a doctor is and what he does. Now, let us see the most prevailing branches in medical sciences that students are choosing and getting good returns from their heavy investment in medical studies.


Top medical professionals in 2022

Subjects required to become a doctor?

What are the various medical courses?

Which entrance exams are required for getting admission into a medical college?

The most important thing!

Top medical professionals in 2022

Urologist: Urologists are the doctors who deal with infections and problems in your urinary tract, kidney stones and cancer and other issues. This has become quite a common disease these days.

Rheumatologist: Rheumatologists deals with joint pains, muscles and bone pains. They diagnose problems and find out if there is anything to do with the above things and treat them. You can easily find someone who can’t climb the stairs around you.

Cardiologist: Heart problems are one of the most common health issues these days, thanks to the growing fast-food industry and inventions that are making people lazier.Cardiologists deal with the problems of the heart such as strokes and help treat and prevent any other heart diseases and blood vessels.

Physiotherapist: A physician is the one who makes you do various sorts of joint movement exercises along with proper medication while you are healing from an accident, disease or ageing including bone fracture, damage to the skeletal system and bone weakness.

ENT Specialist: ENT stands for ear, nose and throat. ENT problems are the most trivial yet common problems, everyone, face in daily life. Whether it be from inhaling polluted air or seasonal changes including cough, ear problems and also head and neck issues.

Skin Specialist: People are getting more and more aware of their bodies and are paying special attention to their skin. Also, the increasing pollution that leads to global warming and UV infections to the skin are rising cases. A skin specialist is the one who diagnoses and treats all your skin infections.

Physiatrist: From morning to night before bed, we are indulged with our phones and laptops with a bowed head and a curved back. This leads to tension and thus problems with the spinal cord. Physiatrists treat those problems such as neck and back pains with medication, injections and exercises.

Ophthalmologist: So, by using phones for so long and always living in front of screens and also the atmospheric dirt irritates and adversely affects our eyes as well. Whether it is low vision or any other eye-related issues, you go to the Ophthalmologists for treatment and diagnosis.

Some other emerging medical fields include the profession of paediatrician, gynaecologist and neurologist. Being a surgeon is perhaps the highest rank and paid role in the doctor world.

Subjects required to become a doctor?

You need to be from the science stream in your class 12th and have biology as your main subject. Some schools provide Physical Education (PEd) as an optional subject as well; if you are serious about your career as a doctor then choose and worship this subject and don’t go for some easy alternative or even computer. As a doctor, you do not need computers as much as you need to be a master in the human body and its functioning.

You can learn computers later when required. It is a myth that doctors do not need to learn to use a computer. In Forensics, biometric tests, DNA tests and other tests are done through computers. You use computers to diagnose and monitor patient health and in research fields, you make use of programming languages such as python to predict and represent your data and findings. But of course, this is not the first priority and not something you should worry too much about.

What are the various medical courses?

The most popular bachelor medical course is the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). Other top bachelor courses are: –

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)
  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

For postgraduate, you can opt any of the various branches available such as medicine, orthopaedics, gynaecology, forensics, radiology, anatomy or others.

Which entrance exams are required for getting admission into a medical college?

Admission into colleges with the above and other courses is through the NTA organised NEET exam for UG and PG. Other medical entrance exams are IIT JAM, UPSEE, IPU CET, AIIMS MBBS, JIPMMER, IEMJEE, AIIMS PG, etc that land you into various types of colleges and universities.

Medical studies are very costly; to choose the right college and course for you, our experts can help in choosing the right college so that you invest this huge sum at the right place.

The most important thing!

Setting goals and having a clear path to follow is very crucial in anything one does. The same is the thing if you want to have a bright and successful career in engineering which is one of the toughest career options. Therefore, you must have a good plan and a carefully set roadmap with the correct resource and a mentor to guide you at your every step.

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