How to become an Engineer

Engineering is the most sought after and popular career option today moving head-to-head with medical. Whatever we do and how we do it, all is made possible by engineers who have been developing all sorts of technological wonders ranging from pencils to computers, swings in playgrounds to rollercoasters in theme parks, Mickey Mouse and TV to the Disney Land.

What do engineers do?

Engineers make everyone’s life easier and a pleasure to live. They invent devices and technologies that not only make our life fun, effortless and full of excitement but also those devices that help them create more of such devices fast and efficiently.

Chemists and Biology people are also engineers. They also do the same as a technical engineer, and when they all come together, something revolutionary and transforming is produced.

Thus, this inter-mixing of engineers from different backgrounds give rise to innumerable career options and jobs. This is the reason behind all the long line of students wanting to be an engineer.

What are the types of engineering?

The top engineering jobs that are the most in-demand and the most essential are: -

Environmental engineering: People are getting more and more serious about protecting the environment and doing things in an eco-friendly way. Thus, an environmental engineer who develops methods and practices to protect and preserve the environment from industrialisation and human development is and would remain in high demand.

Agriculture engineering: With more and more varieties and types of agri-products launching daily, especially vegan and organic items, the need for a technical person to monitor, design and manage the machines that produce such products is inevitable.

Civil/Architecture engineering: Industrialisation and human development are in their prime age and there is still a lot to come. There are only a few high-tech metro cum modern cities even in the most developed nations of the world. So, construction/civil engineering is one of the most promising career options.

Computer engineering: Everything is done through the computer and everyone has it. Almost all the offices now operate on computers and automation. Thus, the need for fast, advanced and smart computing solutions would always remain in demand.

Information Technology technicians: or IT technicians are the maintainers of this computer filled technological world. They fix, install and troubleshoot the hardware and software issues in a computer system. They have great knowledge about computer architecture and organization, network protocols and how things work in the computer world.

Aerospace & Aeronautical engineering: The human desire to know the unknown has been ever-increasing, and so is their need for safety and domination. Aerospace or Aeronautical engineers assist, direct and coordinate in developing rockets, space and aircraft, computer systems and also test and check the environmental effects of such large-scale projects.

Chemical engineering: To produce the vaccine for the next pandemic, it is necessary that we have a brilliant fleet of chemical and biomedical engineers. They devise the formulae for new medicines, improve the existing ones, solve any problems related to drugs, foods, fuels and design and develop machinery for manufacture and testing.

Biomedical engineering: This involves developing innovative solutions and devices that can ensure a better mortality rate and assist the doctors and surgeons in operations, diagnosis and the patients in treatment.

What should you study to become an engineer?

You must be a student of science (physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics and computers. Though other skills such as innovative thinking, design skills, etc. are also required and someone from arts, commerce or other fields can also become an engineer (with double time and hard work than a science student) but science, computer and math are the subjects you must have in you 10+2 to make the things easier.


What are the various engineering courses?

Your first task is to determine the field of engineering you want to join and then choose the bachelor's program in that field. The bachelor engineering course for any branch is called the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) course. There are courses available for every type of engineering we discussed and almost all others.

Which entrance exams are required for getting admission into an engineering college?

In India, JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) that is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) is the biggest entrance exam to take admission through an online counselling process into any engineering institute including NITs and IITs. Many private and government institutes conduct their own entrance exam but still, they have a look at your JEE percentile and ranking. Besides this, most states have their own entrance exams such as UP has UPTU, Karnataka has COMKEDK, West Bengal has WBJEE, etc.

To take admission in foreign universities and colleges, you need to give a general aptitude and academics test, SAT (mainly for colleges in the US) and an English test such as IELTS or TOEFL. Many colleges have their own admission exams and process that you can find easily on their website.

The most important thing!

Setting goals and having a clear path to follow is very crucial in anything one does. The same is the thing if you want to have a bright and successful career in engineering which is one of the toughest career options. Therefore, you must have a good plan and a carefully set roadmap with the correct resource and a mentor to guide you at your every step.

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