How to choose a career path?

Choosing the right career path for yourself when you only know about engineering and medical fields is definitely a challenge. People in India are not much aware of the innumerable other career opportunities that are as good as and more relaxing than being an engineer or a doctor. Let us now see what is the path people generally follow and then we shall see what should we do instead.

Steps everyone follows to choose their career path: –

  1. Study diligently all subject in the entire school life and when you mostly get good marks in one particular subject, you start thinking of making it as your career.
  2. In class 10th, you choose subjects that your friends are choosing or what your parents tell you to or you choose the one you think you are really good at.
  3. In class 12th, you now know a few other career options and you do not get as good marks in your favourite subject as you used to. ‘Why am I studying all this?’ becomes your top unanswerable question.
  4. Board results are out. You give JEE or NEET or prepare for CAT exams based on your subjects in 10+2. You couldn’t get through. You drop a year, take coaching, retry JEE/NEET. If you consistently worked hard, you get a good semi-government college or if you belong to a quota, you can even get into an IIT or AIIMS. And if not, you go for UPTU colleges or private admissions worth 20+ lakhs. Many who lacked planning, do B.Sc., B.Com, B.Pharma, etc. and a few among these who really planned well, do these lighter courses to focus on their UPSC preparation.
  5. If you study diligently in your entire college life, you finally become an engineer or a doctor. If not then a pharmacist, a teacher or lecturer or some go into banks and administrative jobs.

Steps everyone should follow to choose their career path: –

  1. Enjoy kindergarten.
  2. Your parents take you to a career counsellor where you give various interest, liking, skill and talent tests. Accordingly, the counsellor suggests a perfect school that follows the curriculum you need to develop your skills and interests. You can also do this after your junior studies; it is not late yet.
  3. Keep in contact with your counsellors and take career tests in different phases of your school life such as class 8th, 10th and 12th. Also, get to know which subjects you should choose and why. You would get detailed answers based on your personality and other tests you gave.
  4. Get help in preparing for competitive exams at the right time, in choosing the right college, how to study and manage things around you, what other things to learn other than the subjects taught.
  5. Do the right internships, grab PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers) and finally land into the exact job you are made for.

Tip: Career counselling can prepare you for more than one job role as they have the data about your skills, talents and interests.

PS: This was not an attempt to ridicule or criticise anyone. What is said above is what we all see around us and what should be there instead. Before now, one can easily do good without career counselling as well but in the 21st century where everyone is scoring 95+ per cent and even 100 percentile does not ensure a government college, career counselling stands as the only solution to all of us. Even those who get into IITs or AIIMS, if they are not carefully taking their decisions and not grabbing the right opportunities at the right time, they too couldn’t go much far. Thus, career counselling is a must for everyone if they want to be something extraordinary.

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