Which sectors are booming in terms of career opportunities and sustainable Jobs?

The demand for green and sustainable jobs is increasing every day and this is because of the increased awareness and longing for the nature and surroundings around us. This can also be because of the fact that humans are selfish and we all know that if we continue polluting and doing things in the same non-environment friendly way, we are ultimately gonna face huge survival problems and also would have to spend a lot of money to even breather out of the air that is available to all of us for free.

In this blog we discuss the top 5 career opportunities/career paths and job roles that are gonna be in great demand but with less supply, thus making them highly valuable. We would also discuss the sectors that would see this boom of sustainable jobs.

Top sustainable jobs and career opportunities

  1. Environmental consultant: The role of the environmental consultant is to provide consultancy and suggestions to any organisation where he is hired about the various ways to reduce the organisation’s harmful impact on the environment. All the industries and manufacturing units negatively affect the environment by flowing liquid effluents such as chemicals, dyes, warm water, etc., solid waste, electronic waste, air pollutants such as carbon by-products, etc. Many countries impose strict laws on such practices and make it compulsory for the company to take the help of an environmental consultant to check their waste management and effect on the environment.

Related Industry: All the industries where manufacturing is done. (Fashion, Food, Tech, Health, etc)

Payscale: Average salary 6 lk/annum

  • Environmental scientist: does research to find unique ways to promote human progress while protecting the environment and suggests sustainable ways around harmful industrial practices. This role is somewhat similar to the above in terms of suggestions and advising but the core of it is to research and analyze mysterious illnesses, allergies, unexplained health issues in animals, plants, and humans.

Related industry: It is a research field so mostly in the labs but can be hired specifically by government and private agencies in all the manufacturing industries.

Payscale: Average salary 5 lk/annum

  • Sustainability engineer: A sustainability engineer with a focus on renewable energy sources helps draw, design, and then implement them. He/she would tell you how to sustainably manufacture your products, set up your labs and manufacturing units, what raw materials to use and what not to use, and other ways to become an eco-friendly and sustainable organisation. With more and more people favouring sustainable products in food, fashion and other things, this job role certainly has got a huge demand in the market.

Related industries: fashion, clothing, food, medicine, tech.

Payscale: Average salary2 lk/annum

  • Urban Planner: An urban planner helps plan the use of land property in a sustainable way. When companies are about to set up huge offices with all the facilities including parks, gyms, housing, workplaces, manufacturing units, roads, etc. Thus, an urban planner would help you in constructing this massive infrastructure in the most sustainable manner that minimises the overall effect on the environment that your organisation causes. This would also make the organisation a green one that further benefits business and sales thus the demand and hype for such skilled individuals.

Related industries: Tech industries, construction and manufacturing, food factories, civil and government projects.

Payscale: Average salary 4 lk/annum

People are accepting their responsibility towards nature and our home planet and thus the sale of sustainable products and services that minimise and care for the environment is going up. Every company in any industry can stay alive in this competitive market only if they follow the sustainable development norms and go with the trend. To know more about each career path listed above and how to become one of those or to know more about any other career path or find out what job would suit you the best, contact Yatharv Careers – the only long-term career guidance counselling service in the market.

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